Oil & Gas

The Capstone Microturbine combines reliable power with low maintenance. There’s only one moving part and the lack of lubricants and coolant reduces the maintenance intervention to once a year. This is ideally for remote and/or unmanned locations such as an off-shore production platform. The high humidity systems of Capstone are suitable for climates at sea. If applicable the Capstone turbine can also be delivered with an enclosure for classified zones.


A Capstone Microturbine is a generator set without the necessity of exhaust after treatment: The lack of a particulate filter and SCR requires no extra onboard space, investment and operational costs. Even better, the Capstone turbine has only one moving part, no oil and no coolants which reduce the maintenance to a minimum. The thermal energy of the turbine can be utilized for heating and cooling the accommodations. This does not only safe fuel; the onboard installed electrical generator capacity can be less.  On ships where comfort has the highest priority, the vibration and odor free operation of the Capstone Microturbine will set a complete new standard for onboard luxury.

Hybrid Systems

Besides in vehicles and moving equipment, hybrid energy systems also find their way in stationary power generation.  Optimization of fuel usage by combining a generator for base load with a battery pack for peak demands. Or the other way around; a battery pack combined with an on-the-spot charger. The Capstone Microturbine can provide DC output as an option. This allows a direct connection to the battery package. Main power or charger, the Capstone Microturbine is a clean and smart generator for hybrid systems.

Combined Heat & Power

Like any other generator set the Capstone Microturbine also generates thermal energy. This energy can be utilized for the production of hot water or steam; heating in a building and/or swimming pool; but also to provide cooling through an absorption chiller. These forms of cogeneration are very efficient and contribute to a strong reduction of energy costs. The Capstone Microturbines are exceptional adequate for cogeneration because all the thermal energy is concentrated in the exhaust gasses.  A combined heat and power (CHP) application with a Capstone turbine is therefore simple, efficient and easy to maintain.

Combined Heat & Power Plus

The exhaust gas of the Capstone Microturbine is extreme clean and that allows to do more with it. It can be routed directly into processes that requires hot air such as kilns or drying ovens. It is even possible to use the exhaust direct into a horticultural greenhouse for heating and CO₂fertilization. There is sufficient oxygen in exhaust to use as preheated air for a boiler burner. In all these ways the thermal energy is used completely with minimum loses. This creates a CHP application that has no equal: A CHP with a big plus.